Academic Scholarships

Benefits of an academic scholarship as a student-athlete

Because the majority of student-athletes do not have full-ride scholarships, it’s important for them to have some form of aid. Academic scholarships are a great way to get yourself close to a full ride. 

There are minimum academic standards student-athletes must meet in order to be considered for an academic scholarship: a GPA of 3.5, and test scores of 25+ on the ACT or 1200 on the SAT. 

Remember, NCAA DIII schools only offer academic scholarships.


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Athletic vs Academic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are limited and in huge demand so your ability to be awarded academic scholarships makes you hugely attractive to college coaches for so many reasons.

Academically they know you aren’t a liability. A coach’s worst nightmare is an athlete who can’t can’t on top of their grades!

An academic scholarship can’t be taken away from you. Athletic scholarships are renewable and in some ways so are academic scholarships. A benefit of academics is that as long as you handle your business in the classroom, the money keeps coming.

Being academically eligible for a scholarship makes you more recruitable. More often than not a coach will package in athletic money with academic money. This preserves their athletic budget to continue their recruitment efforts with other recruits, helping them build their rosters.