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Scholarships In The USA

Here at NextUpRecruitment we provide a range of services that are tailored specifically around placing all of our clients in a position where they can thrive throughout their recruitment process.

Staying in accordance with NCAA regulations, we charge all athletes a one-time fee. This price covers our intensive hands on recruitment service, with the end goal of a placement within a US institution. 

Payment plans are available to those who qualify.

college basketball scholarships

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descriptionFree ProfileSubscriptionPremium
FREE Recruitment Profile
Upload Highlights & Full Game Film
Exposure To Thousands Of Coaches
Be Shortlisted By College Coaches
Receive Messages From College Coaches
Respond To Coaches Messages
Apply To Scholarship Openings
View College Match Percentage
Access To Guidance Material
View Who Has Shortlisted You
View Who Has Viewed Your Profile
Access The NextUpRecruitment Database
Direct Email To College Coaches
View College Coaches Who's Search Criteria You Fit
Appear First In Search Results
Personal Recruitment Advisor
24/7 Live Support
Direct Promotion To College Coaches
Student VISA Assistance
SAT/ACT Support
NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center Support
Grade Evaluation
Four Years Of Support From NextUpRecruitment