Frequently Asked

We recommend beginning your recruitment as soon as you enter your freshman year of high school. This allows coaches enough time to get to know you and develop a relationship. 

The truth is that they won’t find you unless you are in the top 1% of your sport- in the entire country. That is why you should start preparing for the recruiting process as soon as you enter high school.

All of them! We pride ourselves on being able to provide our recruitment services to athletes of all sports and levels. Our staff is compiled of a wide variety of former athletes and coaches, allowing us to really provide our clients with the advice and knowledge needed to progress in the recruitment process.

Like most recruitment services, we do not track our success rate. However, our service is designed to put you in the best position possible to be signed to a program at the next level. Fit the programs needs? Get recruited! Its thats simple.

It is prohibited under both NCAA regulations ( Talent Evaluation Services & Agents) and Consumer Law for NextUpRecruitment to provide promises, guarantees or assurances regarding specific offers to any US college or university.

However, our approach to the recruitment process is designed to put the athlete in the best position possible to reach the next level.

Here at NextUpRecruitment, we offer a variety of different services with multiple tiers available to choose from! All with different prices and benefits. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone. 

We currently work with athletes throughout 115 territories.  

Our collegiate recruitment service is a much more hands on approach. Within this service we actively manage our clients recruitment. We provide our clients with direct exposure to collegiate coaches through our targeted marketing. Not only do we directly contact coaches, we also provide all of our clients with a personal coach that is responsible for their recruitment, allowing them to smoothly navigate the recruitment process.

The recruitment app is an affordable alternative. The app provides exposure and scholarship opportunities for athletes, and allows coaches to hand-pick players within the network by using our “Find An Athlete” search tool.

A ‘full ride’ covers the cost of tuition, room, board and books. 

Not necessarily, but it makes your recruitment process a whole lot easier! Without a highlight video, it makes it extremely difficult for a coach to assess your playing ability.

Our role is to use our expertises and experience to pre-qualify your chances of receiving a sports scholarship, then guide you through the entirety of the recruitment process with suitable American colleges and universities. We are not permitted to charge a fee for our services based on placing our clients at American colleges. As a result, a refund would not be provided in cases where scholarships offered to clients were deemed ‘unsuitable’ by the client.

Everyones recruitment moves at a difference pace so it is extremely difficult to say! Based on our experience within the industry, most peoples recruitment starts to heat up during their sophomore season. However coaches have been known to recruit players much earlier.

This is highly recommended! This allows you to open the door to being recruited by coaches at the NAIA and NCAA levels. 

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.

To earn an academic scholarship, you need to have strong grades and test scores. Each university has different measures for their academic scholarship requirements.