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Every year thousands of talented athletes fly completely under the radar due to lack of exposure, no network connections and zero resources available to them. Our goal is to eliminate this with our recruitment app. We are connecting athletes with coaches at all levels at an affordable price, ultimately giving all athletes a platform and fair opportunity to reach the collegiate level. 

Pricing Tiers


  • Create your free profile that includes all of your important information; stats, highlight film and referrals. It’s always free.

Month To Month

$ 19
Per Month
  • Gain access to all of our recruitment tools; messaging, the ability to see which coaches are viewing your profile, view and apply to scholarship openings and appear first in search results!

6 Months

$ 99
One Time
  • Everyones recruitment moves at a different pace. Lock in with us for 6 months and give coaches a chance to really analyse your recruitment profile.

12 Months

$ 179
One Time
  • The key to being recruited is staying consistent and starting the process early to put you at an advantage.


Our recruitment app provides exposure to all of the coaches within our network. Our app allows athletes to create a recruitment profile that is viewable by the thousands! Showcase both your athletic playing ability and academics to coaches looking to fill spots at the next level.

It is never too late or too early to begin your recruitment. Coaches are always looking to improve their rosters. Beginning the process later in the recruitment year, means more likely than not that most of a schools scholarship money will have been used.

  1. Your Online Profile.
  2. Receive Messages From Coaches Directly From Within The App.
  3. Feature Your Profile In Our Find An Athlete Tool.
  4. Monthly Educational Content To Help Guide You Through The Process Smoothly.
  5. Openings  – View & Apply Directly To Openings Posted By Coaches!
  6. Coaches Can Shortlist You And Track Your Progress Throughout The Year.
  7. Camps – View & Apply To Attend Prospect Camps Posted By Coaches.
  8. Coaches From All Divisions Use Our Services.
  9. Update/Cancel Your Profile At Anytime.

Like most recruitment services, we do not track our success rate. However, our service is designed to put you in the best position possible to be signed to a program at the next level. Fit the programs needs? Get recruited! Its thats simple.


Take control of your recruitment by downloading our recruitment app today.