Scholarship Timeline

What Is A Scholarship Timeline?

Everyone’s recruitment moves at a different pace, so overnight results although very much possible for some athletes, as a whole are an unrealistic expectation for anyone pursuing an athletic scholarship. Our scholarship timeline offers athletes a look at our step-by-step process that we take all of our student-athletes through when securing athletic and academic scholarships.

1 | Evaluation

Initial recruitment assessment with NextUpRecruitment staff going through your academics, athletic history, and game film. Information will be provided on the recruitment process, scholarships in the USA, what to expect throughout your time with us and what we believe your current level to be.

2 | Onboarding

Fill out all required recruitment forms and assign a personal recruitment coach to handle your recruitment and offer guidance throughout your time with us. Once the onboarding process is complete NextUpRecruitment can begin building your recruitment profile in preparation for contact.

3 | Targeting

Emails and calls made to qualifying colleges and universities based on your athletic and academic needs. This is completely tailored towards what is right for your recruitment in order to maximise your college scholarship opportunities. We then begin to make shortlists on schools or regions we believe we should target.

4 | Assess Options

Feedback from colleges on how they feel about you as an athlete and a student. Filter through current offers and interests and start to assess your options in preparation for you making your commitment to join a college program.

5 | Acceptance

Offer is accepted following a final check list with your consultant. We’ll run you through any applications needed for you to be admitted to your school and make steps for you to begin the eligibility process with either the NCAA or NAIA.

6 | Admission & VISA Process

Athlete is admitted to his/her school. Officially committed to a program. VISA appointment scheduled with embassy near you and interview training provided in preperation for your interview. Advice on what to expect next. VISA, flights, insurance, currency exchanges etc.

7 | Departure

You've committed to your school and you're ready to depart to your new home for the next four years. Congratulations are in order. A call with your personal consultant wishing you all the best, but don't fear this isn't the last you hear from us, we offer guidance and support throughout your entire college career.