Staying Eligible: Academics

Staying Eligible: Academics


In the term “student-athlete” the word student comes before athlete. This is not just a cliché, academics in college can affect the time you have competing in your sport. Each athletic association has slightly different academic standards that you will need to fulfil in order to be eligible to play in the following semester or academic year.


  • Must earn at least six credit hours to be eligible for the following semester
  • Must achieve a GPA that meets your school’s graduation standards
  • 40% of your degree requirements must be completed by the end your second year, 60% by the end of your third year and 80% by the end of your fourth year.


  • Must be enrolled full-time and earn at least nine credits in the current semester
  • Must earn a minimum overall (cumulative) GPA of 2.0
  • 24 credits towards your degree must be completed per year, at least 18 credits must be earned in the fall and spring semesters, and up to 9 credits can be earned in the summer.


  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits in order to compete. If you drop below 12 credits at any time you will be unable to play
  • You must complete a minimum of 24 credits in the previous two semesters to be eligible for the next
  • If you are a junior, you must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 in order to compete


  • Must accumulate at least 24 credit hours in the first academic year to be eligible for a second year
  • A minimum GPA of a 2.0 is required to compete

One important fact to remember is that if you fail a class it will not count towards your completed credit hours! If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility, a great resource you can use is your school’s compliance officer.