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US Soccer Scholarships | Trial Days

US Soccer Scholarships are a fantastic way to take your career to the next level and trial days are often the first step in you securing your soccer scholarship to attend a US college. Here we will assess your playing ability and give feedback on what college coaches are currently looking for in a student-athlete.

We will also be giving a presentation to show what you can expect from working with us and how we aim to secure you a sporting scholarship.



Get started with our recruitment service designed specifically to put you in the best position possible to reach the next level.



Detailed information provided on the recruitment process from start to finish.



Our professional support team will be on hand 24/7 to help guide you in the recruitment process. this includes both academic and athletic help!



Find the program of your dreams with the help of our extensive network of college coaches looking to fill their rosters!

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No football boots or training gear will be provided. Please dress appropriately. Example: Shorts, Sporting Top, Socks, Boots. We encourage all participants to bring water and snacks.

This can vary dependant on the event you are attending. Please communicate directly with your closest NextUpRecruitment representative.

We do charge a fee for our assessment days, however, this fee is strictly to cover the cost of the facilities, staff and insurance. 

We enter our assessment days with a clear idea of what college coaches are currently looking for, by doing this and only accepting players onto our service who we believe can thrive at the next level, we have maintained one of the highest placement percentages in the industry!

It is prohibited under both NCAA regulations ( Talent Evaluation Services & Agents) and Consumer Law for NextUpRecruitment to provide promises, guarantees or assurances regarding specific offers to any US college or university.

However, our approach to the recruitment process is designed to put the athlete in the best position possible to reach the next level.

We aim to make contact to all successful candidates within 48 hours of the event.

"Due to NextUpRecruitment I have been in contact with high level players that are coachable and overall great kids. We will always be in touch and recruit from NextUp!"
Coach wade
Angelina College