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BENEFITS OF COLLEGE soccer scholarships

Earn A Degree

A soccer scholarship would allow you to study towards a degree of your choosing at a discounted rate. Sometimes even completely free. All dependant on your academic and athletic ability.

Professional Pathway

Playing soccer in the USA is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure and pursue a career in soccer. The MLS actively recruit collegiate athletes upon graduation.


Compete in top-quality facilities worth millions! The US has some of the best facilities available.

Amazing Destinations

Pursue your goals in renowned destinations such as California, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and more.

High Level Soccer

Soccer scholarships give you the opportunity to compete at a high level whilst studying towards your degree, playing in stadiums with hundreds or even thousands of fans in attendance.



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Detailed information provided on the recruitment process from start to finish.



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soccer scholarships


Scholarships are awarded to an athlete based on academic/athletic merit. Scholarships provide athletes with a discount on tuition fees, housing and food. All dependant on what kind of athlete the person is, what kind of program it is and what division that program competes in. Some programs offer scholarships that cover all of your costs. These are referred to as “full rides”

There are two forms of scholarships. Academic and athletic. Academic scholarships are awarded based on your ability in the classroom. The better you are with your books the more academic money a school can award you. Athletic scholarships are awarded based on how good you are as an athlete. These are often limited as schools can only offer so many. In order to put yourself in the best position possible to receive the most money, we recommend working hard in the classroom, that way schools can package together scholarships for you with both academic and athletic money.

Colleges at the NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA and Junior College levels can all offer scholarships. However, how many scholarships are actually available at the time of you speaking with the coach is a different story and will all depend on how many athletes they have currently signed.


Because soccer is considered as a ‘fall sport’ this means that competition takes place between September and  November time. Most athletes will usually join their team for pre-season at the beginning of August.


Many families ask how much the average scholarship is for college men’s soccer. However, that’s pretty difficult to pinpoint. Men’s soccer is an equivalency sport, meaning that coaches are not required to give out full scholarships to their athletes and can instead break them up however they want. So, for a D1 team with 29 roster spots, a coach could give out nine full-ride scholarships and one scholarship that covers 90% of the cost of tuition. Or, the coach can break up the 9.9 scholarships evenly among the 29 athletes.