Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Please take the time to read through our terms of service.

NextUpRecruitment (NUR) agrees to educate and guide the family through all aspects of the collegiate recruiting process by utilizing our network of collegiate coaches. NUR also agrees, upon receipt of monetary funds by NUR that the student-athlete is in accordance with NCAA and NAIA rules and qualifies to be introduced to collegiate coaches;

NUR does not intend any of the services it provides nor shall those services be construed to be a promise to guarantee a scholarship offer to the said client;

Both Parties agree that NUR will make the final determination of which clients qualify for its services. NUR reserves the right to reject a prospective client who in our opinion would not receive benefit from said service.

The client does not and cannot legally hold NUR responsible for any decision on any scholarship; this determination lies with the institutions.

Waiver: The client waives, releases and holds harmless NUR from any and all liability that may arise from the accuracy, disclosure or distribution of any and all information in connection with this membership/services agreement.

Cost of Service: Each client that is using NUR’s placement service holds the option to opt into a payment plan when using our recruitment service. The monthly instalment plan is NOT cancellable and once you’ve started this process, you are obligated to complete the entirety of all payments. This will only apply to those who qualify for a payment plan, subject to a background check.

If for any reason, a subscriber fails to pay one of the monthly instalments, their subscription will also be discontinued and service will come to a halt until the payment and any additional instalments payments are received in full.

Any client refusing to pay the remainder of their fee will be held responsible in a court of law. Action can and will be taken. NUR also holds the right to hire a third party in order to carry out this action such as a debt collection agency. The holder of this debt is solely responsible for any additional fee’s we may incur in cases where a debt collection agency is required. We give all clients up to 6 months from the initial payment to clear the balance on the account.

Late Fee’s: In cases where an invoice is not paid or is paid late, the Act and Regulations 2002 & 2013 allow us to charge interest at the annual rate of 8% above base rate for each day your invoices are overdue. We are also entitled under the same regulations to charge compensation against our debtor if an invoice is over overdue by as little as a day. NUR will add a charge of $7.50 per week that your invoice is overdue. 

Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations, 2013  We are entitled to claim late payment interest & compensation charges.

When filling out a recruitment form or creating a profile within a recruitment platform, the client is giving NUR the right to use all information and imagery in promotional content and material that NUR deem beneficial to the recruitment of the client. 

Notice and Consent: The client acknowledges that NUR will gather all personal information regarding the client and deliver such information to third parties in order to perform its services under this agreement. NUR may use the student’s name and likeness in promotional material as well as with the media.

Disclaimer: I have fully read and understand the above agreement details and give my consent that in no way has NextUpRecruitment or any representative or employee of NextUpRecruitment have made any promise or guarantee of an athletic or academic scholarship in any amount with any school.